Enterprise IT Services

We currently support complex IT enterprises using ITIL V3 and ISO/IEC 20000:2011 industry best practices. We continue to strategically align our services with our customer's requirements, operating controls, and success criteria.


Managing innovation is a key element of our partnership with our customers. Our framework integrates our customer’s technology vision with the budget cycle, strategic planning, and change management processes. We introduce “realistic” innovation, in close collaboration with our customer, in a manner that is consistent with policy and procedures, introduces little risk, and improves the end users’ computing experience.


We are committed to an enterprise shared service model, eliminating duplication of effort and identifying technologies that can be consolidated and optimized to make our customer’s IT operations more advanced, agile, and secure.


Case Study: Data Center consolidation for Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)

MDOT and its agencies have begun migrating to a cloud-based to optimize resource utilization, increase efficiency of IT investments, and improve interoperability Statewide. As a subcontractor, ServBeyond solutions is involved in a multi-phased approach for migrating MDOT business services to the cloud environment by focusing on reduction of the foot print of the primary and backup data centers and increasing the use of the cloud infrastructure. 


















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